Legal matters

Property deed transfers, will and inheritance, tax compliance

Property deed transfer/sale/death/change of name/will and inheritance

If you have had a change and need to alter your property deeds then you will have to contact the local government office and change the names on the deeds via notary. This process can be complicated and require many forms, translations and documents.

We can offer this services using professionals in the various fields to make sure all the documents are done correctly.

Wills to pass on property to next of kin directly

In Italy the law says that if one of the owners die then only a proportion of the assets goes to the spouse or next of kin then the remaining is split also between children. This can cause problems as it incurs more costs and complications if you are looking to sell the property.

depending on the country of origin this can be avoided by using a new law that allows you to create a will that overides this clause and you can leave the property to whoever you wish in accordance with your own countries laws.

This can be done in a couple of days as long as you have al the relevant information.

For more information and costs please contact us.

Tax and council payment

if you own a property in Italy then you will also be liable for the tax issues of the property. this includes local council tax (IMU), waste charges (TARSU) and water (ACQUA). Nonpayment of these bills will cause the local council to impose fines and also eventually add a payment attached to the property which can be very expensive to clear.

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